Mitt Romney and George Stephanopoulos on Jesus’ Return

Technically, this is silly. But it does bring up the age old question: What is Mormon doctrine?

4 Responses to “Mitt Romney and George Stephanopoulos on Jesus’ Return”

  1. Craig W. says:

    Sheeesh!!!! I am starting to think we’re wacky!!??!!

  2. gunner says:

    What is Mormon doctrine?

    Because of a “living prophet”, it is what ever he says at the current time. A sort of “religious veto” on the past.

  3. Jason says:

    I almost have to laugh that Stephanopoulos is concerned about when and where Mormons think Jesus will return. The only reason I can see for him even talking about it is to fracture any support for Romney at the Republican base. Only there would people not consider voting for him because of his beliefs.

  4. dick d says:

    techically silly? perhaps. doctrinal points stirred and mixed and poured out in a seemingly logical explanation.
    jesus’ anticipated second coming begins with his appearance in jerusalem, on or near the mount of olives during a time of great chaos. while many have their own version of some of the particulars all christians seem to agree on this one point.
    mormon’s do have a unique belief that a new jerusalem will be built/established on the american continent in jackson county missouri. during jesus’ millennial reign he will administer from both old and new jerusalm.
    the short clip of mitt’s was a correct statement of jesus’ appearance. george’s restatement of his mormon sources was perhaps correct. but open to misinterpretation.